Nominations & Officer Elections

On Monday, May 22nd, nominations were taken to fill officer positions for the upcoming fraternal year 2023-2024. While in the past Council members seemed satisfied to have one person agree to accept a position, in order to have a true election there should be at least two nominations per office. Having two persons nominated should not be interpreted as an indication of the level confidence in either person, but rather an effort to have a true election.

At the business meeting on Monday, June 12th, the floor will be opened for additional nominations. Interested in being an officer? Any Knight in good standing may nominate any 3rd or 4th Degree Knight in good standing, including themselves, for any of the positions.

Following the closing of nominations, members will elect officers for the upcoming fraternal year, which extends from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024. Below is a list of the Knights who have been nominated to be officers. This list contains the names of those who have been nominated, seconded, and who have agreed to accept the nomination.

Grand Knight – Dave Berkemeier

Deputy Grand Knight – Bob Hunter

Chancellor – Ollie Thibodeau

Warden – Dan Schlake

Recorder – Mike Thomas

Treasurer – Brian Kentley

Advocate – Tim Buerger

Inside Guard – Perry Ritter

Outside Guard – Gary Kentley

3 year-Trustee – Pat Stortz

The position of Financial Secretary is an appointed position by Supreme. Larry Broering will continue serving his most recent 3-year term in this capacity. Similarly, the office of trustees are 3-year terms, and Mark Bohman and Daryl Danks will continue in the second and third years of their terms. Lecturer, Program Director, and Culture of Life officers are appointed by the Grand Knight


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