Good of the Order

Prayers are requested for the following

Rev. Fr. Eric Andriot, Vince Albers, Cliff Atkins, Bruce Biedenharn, Tom & Trudy Bieger, Kathy Brown, Nancy Bussell, Ester Calicoat, Ed Cox, Art & Roseann Crowe, Don Danks, Judy Danks, Dan Goetz, Clark & Kathy Hageman, Carol Haven, Jim & Terre Hengehold, Pat & Mary Hunter, Krista Kentley, Michelle Lesniak, Stanley Matter, Tim McKinley, Crisa Robinson, Linda Rose, Debbie Streck, Lisa Stortz, Betty Thibodeaux, Tip Thibodeaux, Paige Thurston, Hazel Tracey, and Jack Williams

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