Wild Beast & Brew Night

Broadcasting to all Men of St. Henry Parish,

On Saturday, February 10, the men of the Holy Name Society will be cooking up another great menu for the 5th Annual Wild Beast and Brew Men’s Night. We invite all men of the parish and the Knight of Columbus to attend this special night as we serve up tasty dishes brought to you from the hunters, fishermen, pitmasters, and home brewers. Last year, we had over 120 guests and expect the same crowd this year.  Just to name a few of the dishes, we will have grilled deer tenderloin, casseroles, deer chili, Cincinnati chili, sausages, deer goetta, fried red fish, bean soup, smoked mahi mahi, smoked beef tri-tip, several smoked cheeses, along with several vegetable sides. To get the evening started, we will also be serving several types of homebrews along with commercial beers. 


Our guest speakers will be from Lewis and Grant Auctions (https://lewisandgrant.com) in Newport, Kentucky.  They are the Midwest’s Leading Arms, Armor & Western Artifacts Auction House and will give a presentation on the progression of firearms from the 1700s to modern age. They will display approximately 20 firearms that date back several centuries. They will also lead a question and answer session. 


Tickets are $15/person and are available in the parish office or you can email Bob Pritchett, [email protected] to reserve your spot. Tickets will also be available at the door. The men’s night has always been a great time and this year will not disappoint. Make plans to meet up with old friends, meet new people, try delicious and unique dishes, and knock back a pint or two.


If you are a sportsman/sportswomen, meat smoker, or a homebrewer and would like to bring in a dish or brew, please shoot(!) your information to Doug Braun [email protected], Jeffrey Braun

[email protected], or Bob Pritchett ([email protected]).

We look forward to seeing you on February 10!

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